“There’s a new sound of the Lord that is emerging in this hour!  It’s new, it’s urgent, it’s weighty!  I can see a stirring in the music room of heaven!  Angels are bringing new scrolls with words not sung yet before and it’s accompanied by a prophetic smell of cinnamon.  Who is that minstrel that prophesies on his/her instrument?  Or worshipper that sings from the Spirit?  Listen!  Get away with Him and listen!  For we are at a place where His name is being made GREAT UPON THE EARTH!  Sing you singers!  Prophesy on your instruments, you minstrels!  Let the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!!!  For this new sound will pierce the darkness and bring forth the fear of the Lord!  For He is great and worthy to be praised!”

“This season will birth forth new songwriters and sound-creators!  Publish, publish, publish the works of the Lord!  For prophetic creativity in worship is being released as a new wave from heaven!”

#ihearintheSpirit #anewpropheticsound