We are in the Hebraic month of Elul, the last month before we go into our new year on Rosh Hashanah, September 9.  Elul prophetically means, The King is in the Field. In ancient Israel, when the people wanted to meet with the king, they had to go through palace protocol, except in the month of Elul.  During Elul the king would bring his tent out in the field where people had access to him. They would present their case to him and receive favor and help.  Prophetically, we are now in a time of divine visitation. If you are not aware of that, let me make you aware of it. God wants to meet with you in this season, because He wants to download so much to you.  He wants to prepare you for the new year ahead. The Hebrews of the Bible always took that last month to cleanse themselves from old things that were in their lives, things that would hinder them, things that would get in their way.  And prophetically, we need to do the same thing.

God doesn’t want you to go into a new season with yesterday’s weight of stuff.  Elul is a time to consecrate yourself, to cry out to God and say, God, any area of my life where I am held captive, any area where the enemy has come against me, any area where I’m traumatized, I need Your help.  I need you to reach out and set me free! The enemy loves to traumatize God’s people when life gets tough and life gets hard. We all go through it. 

We can look to God in these times and say, God, I want to go into my new year, but I need Your help to get rid of the traumas, the hurts, the pains, the things that have really stung the inside of my heart, the things that only You can see, I need Your help.  Elul is the month where God deals with those things, because He doesn’t want you going into your new season with the same pain and trauma. I’m sad to say many people don’t let God deal with that stuff, and they move forward, or they try to move forward, but all their baggage is like anchors that weigh them down. They hold them back, and they’re not able to truly access the new season with a clean heart and a pure heart, to rise to the height and to the level that God has called them to rise to, but that doesn’t have to be your case.  


Why am I saying this to you?  Because we are in a prophetic season where God is highlighting and saying, “Let Me set you free from some of these things”.  I’ve been teaching on this, I have been equipping the body of Christ, and it is amazing how God is showing up. Many are having dreams where God is putting His finger on certain areas of their lives saying, “I want to deal with this”.  Many are finding themselves in situations where stuff is coming out, and they’re realizing that they have to get rid of some bad emotions. It’s all part of the month that we’re here in, because prophetically, God is leading us into a new time and into a new season.  So, my exhortation to you today, my exhortation to you this month, is that you let God deal with you. Don’t squirm away from it. Don’t reject Him. Don’t reject the hand of the Lord. Sometimes, it hurts when God deals with an area of pain and trauma in our hearts, but it is part of the healing process.  He is a healer. He wants to heal, he wants to restore.

I just had a friend contact me today, and he had a dream that some of his shirts, some of his favorite shirts were destroyed, and someone whom he loved very much grabbed the shirts and looked at them and said in the dream, “Don’t worry about that, I think I can restore these for you”.  And I said to my friend, I said, “That is a prophetic dream for you for the month of Elul”. God wants to restore. God is in the process of restoring things that were broken, things that were traumatized, areas where your development has been arrested, God wants to come in and help you continue to grow past that trauma.  It’s the prophetic month we’re in, it’s exciting, isn’t it? It’s exciting that God loves us so much that He says, “I am not going to leave you in the muck, in the mire, I’m not going to let you stay there. I love you way too much”. You have an important assignment; you have things to do, you have the Kingdom of God to expand. You have things that God wants you to accomplish on the earth.  God created you to be productive, to be fruitful, to hear His voice, to be led by Him, so there is absolutely no way that God is going to leave you in this place of being captive by the enemy. He wants to help you forward. It is the month of Elul.

I want to leave you with a Scripture out of Exodus 19:9. God was about to visit His people, and He told Moses, “I am coming to you in a thick cloud that when the people hear Me, I will speak with you, and they will believe forever.  And Moses told the words of the people unto the Lord. And the Lord said to Moses, Tell the people to sanctify themselves for tomorrow and let them wash their clothes, and tell them to be ready against the third day. For the Lord says, On the third day, I will come down in the sight of all My people”.

This was a time when God’s people were in the wilderness, and God was telling Moses, “Tell them to get ready, I’m going to meet them and visit them in a new way”.  It is Scriptural pattern. Every time God says I’m going to show up to meet with you, consecrate yourself, prepare yourself, because I am going to show up, I’m going to surprise you.  I am going to bring you some revelation. I am going to meet with you face to face. Nowadays, it might be in a dream, it might be a sermon that you hear that’s going to capture your heart.  It might be a comment that somebody says to you that you’ve never even thought of, and that comment is just going to bring you the breakthrough that you have been waiting for. It might be the check in the mail.  Who knows? God is so creative, He can use whatever He wants to use. But one thing is sure, God is moving to meet His people, to meet His bride in the field this month. Consecrate yourself, there is a new season coming.  There is a new season, and God has got great things up ahead and in store for you.

As I said, we’re excited here at G-FORCE Ministries, and we are looking forward to having you be part of our Supernatural School courses and Regional Prophetic Gatherings this fall and winter.  Check out our Events page to register.  I always want to make sure that we’re doing our part to equip God’s people to be prophetic in the earth today.  God bless, and we’ll talk to you soon.