When you talk to God in prayer, does it feel like He doesn’t ever say anything in reply? I have good news: God is always trying to find ways to communicate with you directly. We just need to train ourselves to hear His voice.

How do we hear from God? What do we have to do to hear His voice clearly? God speaks to us in a variety of ways. Learning to hear His voice is a skill that must be developed. One of the primary missions of G-FORCE Ministries is to equip believers to hear from God themselves.


It takes time and effort to develop any skill. The first time my church invited me to preach, I received a revelation from God for about 5 minutes. After that the prophetic flow stopped and I stood there speechless. Now I get “downloads” from God that can last for over an hour!

There are some steps you can take to become more sensitive to His voice. Very often God speaks in subtle ways, in that “still, small voice.” Make sure you are devoting time to quiet prayer every day; and while you are making your prayer needs known to the Father, be sure to listen to what He has to say, too!


You might not be aware of all the ways God is trying to communicate. Open your mind and activate your senses to hear from God in all of the ways that He speaks. Be God-conscience – in His presence at all times and aware that He wants to talk to you.

Don’t go through your day oblivious to the fact that God wants to speak to you. Be alert! Observe all the details of what you see and what people are saying. If God puts an image in your head, don’t ignore it! Ask yourself, what does this picture mean? Is God trying to tell me something?

In the Bible we read many examples of God speaking to people in dreams and visions. Start writing down your dreams in a journal and learn how to interpret them. We’ll have more on this topic in future blog posts.


How often in our busy lives do we pray for something in the morning then completely forget what we asked for as we go through our day? When we ask God to do something or give us an answer to a question, we need to expect that he will answer us!

Always connect the things God is showing you back to the prayers you are praying for. We need to always be looking for ways that he has responded. Never fear – if we miss it the first time, God is faithful to send us reminders!

These are just some of the skills that we can learn to train ourselves to pick out God’s voice amid all the noise of our everyday lives. It takes practice.

If you are in the Rochester, NY region, please consider joining us at our monthly events and Boot Camps where we will explore these topics in more depth and practice “activating” our ability to hear and interpret the voice of God.