Prophetic Launch Party! Let the Prophets Speak for 2018



2016 was a year where many things started changing for me in the ministry.  It was time to start getting ready for the new.  It seemed like I kept hearing God speak to me about launching into the new.  After a season of seeking clarification, the call was clear — I was to launch a new prophetic ministry with the aim of being a prophetic trumpet to the nations of the earth!

Since then, time has been flying.  God has been faithful to bring me the partners and resources necessary to start taking such a challenge.  The planning season was a hidden one where behind the scenes, many plans and changes were taking place.  I’m happy to say that we are now ready to LAUNCH!

We’re hosting a MINISTRY LAUNCH GATHERING for the Rochester region on Thursday, February 23, 2018.  It is my intention to introduce the region to G-FORCE Ministries, Inc.  G-FORCE Ministries is a ministry with two main functions: (1) To equip believers in the supernatural, and to mentor prophets in their ministry and (2) To trumpet the word of the Lord to the nations of the earth.

I want to personally invite you to this Launch Gathering so that you can hear more about this vision and how you can connect with us.  God is looking for a people that are moving in His power on the face of the earth and expanding His Kingdom.  We’re called to partner with the bride to fulfill that call!  I look forward to seeing you there!

Jeff Roeters