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I am Prophet Rufus Bowles RPh. from St. Louis, MO.  GOD called me out of the pharmacy business back in 2012 and asked me to serve HIM full time.  I then resigned my pharmacist position at Walgreens after 15 years and now follow HIS will for me daily.  So far mine is not a 'normal' ministry or anything, but just a daily being open and willing to go or do as HE ask.  GOD first told me HE created me to be a Healer and then a few years later asked me if I were willing to be a Prophet for HIM.  So far this has included 13 missions trips from Vietnam to N Korea to Brazil to Australia.  I graduated from Heidi Baker's Harvest Missions School FLHS1, completed Welton Academy, and was duly commissioned as a Prophet.  I help lead a Holy Bible study at my sister's nursing home, manage a softball team for HIM, serve on my churches (West County Assembly of GOD) 'Life Team', member of CMDA (Christian Medical & Dental Association), and always looking for ways to volunteer to advance HIS Kingdom.

In walking out this call on my life, GOD had me to use my entire savings, my entire retirement fund of over $130,000, and all of my inheritance as my parents passed on.  I now live as HE ask, completely surrendered and reliant upon HIS provision.  HE is so worthy and I don't regret a single decision I've ever made for HIM!!!

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