Happy New Year! It’s a sound that we hear once a year and it usually amazes us how fast it happens again. This year was no exception! It seemed like just a few months ago we were hearing those words and getting ready to usher in a new year. There’s no arguing with the fact that it seems like time is flying.

Although time seems to be speeding up, I’m reassured at the thought that God is very intentional with our seasons. He has purposes that He looks to fulfill, works that He has begun in our lives that need to be completed, and new hope that He stirs within us for the new levels ahead. Time may be speeding up, but God is thorough!

In 2017, I began to prophetically declare that it was, “the year that you were waiting for!” That sounded like good news, except, it seemed as though everything was chaotic. Even after giving that word, I thought, “Oh, Lord…did I miss it?” But what He began to reveal to me was that this was a season where the Lord was confronting the negative outlook in His children.

Take a look at our nation and how many were declaring that the end was near due to the election of a new President. That political spirit and the spirit of Leviathan working through corrupt news media were working hard to paint a reality of death, destruction, and mayhem.

However, those with ears to hear what the Father was saying heard the exact opposite! I heard things such as, “life, hope, acceleration, the turning of the tide, etc.”  I read other prophets’ words and many were declaring hope for the future. We just ended a season where the Lord was revealing to His children, “It’s not what the enemy says. I’m here and I have a plan of hope for your future.”

Now that we’ve heard God’s counsel for the future and stopped giving the enemy our attention, 2018 is a year of THE OPEN DOOR! This is a year of divine possibilities! God is now dealing with us as individuals to set a path forward for our future. The door is open and ready, however, this is a year when God wants to:

  • Confront the demonic oppression that has held you back and stolen your momentum.

  • Cut off those things in your life that have brought a mixture into your spiritual worship, compromised your true devotion and caused you to walk in double-mindedness.

  • Get you through the warfare that is trying to stop you from going through the door. The enemy will make threats, try to get you to give in to fear, and will lie about your future to stop you from responding to God in this new season. Let God take you through that warfare and MOVE!

  • Begin to position yourself for the successful emergence of a new generation behind you.

I encourage you to take risks in this year. Being an open door year, there are golden opportunities beyond the door. Now, with risks, I’m not talking about making foolish, rash decisions that will damage you. What I mean is recognize when fear tries to stop you from entering into a new place that God is leading you to. When that happens, it’s time to TRUST
GOD! That could be a new job, an addition to the family, a new business, etc. God is working a plan to get you out of the comfort zone you’ve been in and is looking to bring you to a higher level of GLORY!

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 3:18)

From what I have been able to see, God is a master at getting us into bigger and greater blessings! Don’t stay where you have been. He is moving you forward to get you higher in His purposes for you. Go through the DOOR!