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hearing god in dreams

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Introduction (3.5 minutes)

Module 1: You can Hear God in Dreams (35 minutes)
Module 2.1: The Strategic Nature of the Night Season Part 1 (27 minutes)
Module 2.1: The Strategic Nature of the Night Season Part 2 (24 minutes)
Module 3.1: Dream Bootcamp Part 1 (45 minutes)
Module 3.2: Dream Bootcamp Part 2 (31 minutes)
Module 4.1: The ABC's of Dream Interpretation Part 1 (31 minutes)
Module 4.2: The ABC's of Dream Interpretation Part 2 (28 minutes)


Module 1: Developing Your Spiritual Intelligence (18 minutes)
Module 2: God Communicates (27 minutes)
Module 3: Back to "Face to Face" Communication (22 minutes)
Module 4: The Drought is Broken (23 minutes)
Module 5: Hindrances That Block Our Ability to Hear From God (19 minutes)
Module 6: How God Communicates (52 minutes)
Module 7: Gifts of the Holy Spirit (28 minutes)
Module 8: The Gift of Prophecy (26 minutes)
Module 9: The Anatomy of Prophecy (24 minutes)



We take you deeper to discuss subjects such as: Dreams, Visions, Trances, Deliverance, Angels, Demons, the Spiritual Realm, Gifts of the Spirit, 5-Fold Ministry, and Cleansing. 

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