By Chris O'Riley

During a recent season of experiencing a weak knee from an old injury, I sought The Lord on how to “Strengthen the feeble knees.” God spoke to me about exercising that specific joint in very practical ways. As I have done that, physical strength and stability has ensued but also supernatural insight.

I believe that God is very concerned about the collective joints in the Body of Christ in this day. In fact, He wants us to strengthen their coming together in such a way that promotes stability and efficiency. “That which every joint supplies” is an actual expression of God Himself, as He is That which every joint supplies.

One day while driving to work, I kept hearing inside of me, “All my bones are out of joint.” Simultaneously, I heard that “what was true for Jesus on the cross provided the opposite for us.” This intrigued me.

That evening, I found in Psalm 22:14, “I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.” As I reflected on the joints of the Body of Christ, I suddenly knew that because Jesus’ bones were out of joint on the cross, He made it possible for His Bride to function with her bones in joint. In other words, when we are most discouraged about the appearance of His Church to be disjunctive and wonder, “ Will He ever really have a Bride in the way that He intends?”… we can be assured that the answer is Yes.

He is pouring Himself out like water on her in this day. He is Himself that which is supplying every joint. By His provision, all of his Bride’s joints are being made to articulate, glide, and fulfill their function to their Designer’s Glory. We need never to be out of joint, but we do need to discern ourselves correctly, and mature our function by reason of exercise and the honoring of each other in the truth of who we are in His Spirit. This will fulfill His intention for us.

Isaiah 53:11 says that Jesus ”Shall see the fulfillment of the labor of His Soul and be satisfied.” Truly, as He hung on the cross, He could see down through the hallways of time to this present day of you and  I.  His Bride now stands at the threshold of using all that He purchased for Her. In this hour, as He intercedes for Her, may She “put on Christ” and fulfill His Joy by functioning in the way that He intended… with all her bones strong and in joint, properly aligned, standing and supporting the weight of His Glory.