“I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.”    (Daniel 7:13)

Night visions are an interesting phenomenon that occurs to prophetic dreamers while we are in between being awake and asleep.  I know it has happened to you, too.  Can you recall an instance when before being fully asleep you hear or see something?  Or as you’re waking from a dream, you experience a strange encounter?  That is what I call a NIGHT VISION.

Here is my list of definitions that will help you understand nighttime phenomena:

  • Visions — Something you see while you’re awake & conscious.

  • Dreams — Something you see while you’re asleep.

  • Night Visions — Something you experience (hear, see, taste, smell, sense) while you’re in between being awake and asleep.

I remember being in a deep sleep one morning, only to be disturbed by my cell phone ringing on my nightstand.  It was around 3 am.  Who could be calling me at that time?  I thought I would just ignore it and they would hang up.  However, to my sore disappointment, the cell phone just kept ringing…loudly!  I figured I better answer the phone before the noise awakened my whole family.  As I reached over to the nightstand to answer the cell phone, I was now fully awake and realized…THERE WAS NO CELL PHONE ON MY NIGHTSTAND!

The ringing that I heard was in the spirit; it was a night vision. Night visions have to be treated like a vision in that, unless you are given a specific message, they need to be interpreted.  I quickly received the interpretation that God was calling me to wake up in the early morning hours to spend time fellowshipping with Him.

Sometimes, night visions help us understand the interpretation of a dream.  I once dreamed that I was teaching a DREAM INTERPRETATION class at my high school.  As I was teaching, I noticed that my students looked as if they were disconnected and I wondered why. As I was waking from the dream, not fully awake, I heard a song playing in my bedroom from the 80’s.  It was Debbie Gibson’s “It was Only in My Dreams”.  That song I heard in the night vision, helped me understand what God was showing me.  He wanted me to learn that as I step out in my high calling (High School), I would encounter a mindset that causes people to get disconnected from His voice in the night season.  They believe that if it’s in a dream, it’s not real…after all, “it was only a dream”.

Sure enough, teaching on dreams for many years, I have encountered that mindset and have had to equip God’s people on how to renew their thinking.  Once the mind is renewed according to the word regarding God speaking in dreams, you are open to receiving God’s instruction in the night season.

In your hearing from God at night, don’t discount those Night Visions that God sends your way to help you hear from Him and that will also assist you in interpreting those dreams!!!  Be a fully equipped PROPHETIC DREAMER!