As a believer in Jesus Christ, you have been created for intimacy with Him.  We usually say that we have placed our "all on the altar" -- that God has a hold of our hearts.  We also say that we want Him to be the Lord of every area of our lives.  Did you know it's not just an "area" of your life He wants, but also a "time" of your life?

When we picture ourselves giving our all to God, we usually think of loving others, going to church, serving in a ministry, feeding the hungry, giving to the poor, visiting those in prison, etc.  We fail to realize it's not just what we DO for God that shows we have submitted our lives to Him.  It's also the fact that we are available FOR God.  He loves us and wants to have a relationship of ongoing communication with us. Jesus doesn't only want to be the Lord of your days...He also wants to be the Lord of your NIGHT season.

Here's where many people draw the lines.  I can hear the groans already.  "What?  You mean to tell me that God wants to communicate with me at night?  Why would He do that?  He knows I need to get my precious sleep before starting a hectic day!"  This frame of thought will cause us to miss God.

You see, while you are sleeping on your bed, you are still.  Stillness is the biggest requirement to hearing from God.  Our minds are constantly thinking all day long.  The Spirit of God usually has to compete with our busy minds all day long in order for us to hear from Him.  But when we're asleep, we're at rest and much more quiet.  It is easier in the night season to hear from God because we're not bombarded with the day's problems.

In the night season: God may give you a dream that brings the answer to your problems; He may give you a night vision of His solution for you; He may wake you to spend time in intercession; He may have you pray into your day so you don't fall into one of the enemy's traps that has been laid for you, etc.

Have you placed your all on the altar?  Have you given your night season to the Lord?  He wants you available to Him at any given moment, day or night.  Get ready...He may just come to visit you tonight!!!