One thing that many believers don't understand, is that God has placed senses in our spirits.  Just as in our physical body we have the five senses, we have the same set of senses in our spirits.  These senses are placed there so that we could hear the voice of God.  Like any skill, it takes training for one to develop these senses.

One of the biggest problems Christians face is they process everything with their brains.  While God did give us brains in order to function in this world, we must understand our brains usually get in the way of our spiritual hearing.  Every time God speaks a word to us, our brains will automatically fight that revelation, because spiritual revelation will always offend the mind.  We must understand this important principle if we want to be prophetic!  Spiritual revelation should always supersede logic and common sense.

Our brains receive information from the realm of the senses.  With our eyes we see, with our ears we hear, with our noses we smell, with our mouths we taste, with our bodies we touch and send those signals to the brain.  We then conclude with our soul how we feel about that information.  We might believe the sight to be pretty, or the smell to be awful.  Information comes in from the five senses, and then combines with our soul (mind, will, and emotions) and we make a conclusion about the information at hand.  This is the way that many Christians live their lives, but it's not the way that God wanted for us. There is a better way!

Our lives are to be lives of prayer.  As we make our petitions known to God, we are to trust that He will communicate His will to us.  We pray - God releases the answer - we hear His voice.  After we pray, we may have a vision or a dream (spiritual sight) with God's answer, we may be led to a Scripture, we may hear Him speaking in our spirits, or receive a prophetic word...these are just ways that our spirits hear from the Lord.  All of what we do hear from God will be supported in Scripture.  God will never tell you to kill someone or to commit adultery because He wouldn't violate His own Word!!!

Once we do hear from Him, our minds will quickly go to battle with that information because it bypassed our physical five senses.  It will tell us that we "made it up"!  But we must learn to quiet the mind. Spiritual revelation is always more reliable than our five senses.

Recently, my wife asked me to help her remember a word used in politics. I knew the word and had used it many times but could not remember it. It was time for bed and I couldn't sleep because I was busy trying to remember the word. Finally, I prayed in frustration and said, "God, my brain can't remember that word.  Please, put it in my spirit so that I could get this over with and go to sleep."   Just as I was falling asleep, BAM...the word drifts into my spirit.  My wife had already fallen asleep, but first thing in the morning I said, "Honey, here's the word you needed.  I heard it in my spirit last night."  Thank God our spirits are much more perceptive than the five senses.

What do you want to be known for?  Do you want to be known for your earthly intelligence only?  Or do you also want to be known for being prophetic and for hearing from God?  Get your brain out-of-the-way and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to hear from Him in your spirit!!!